Newborn Photography Prep Guide

Studio: 2283 Park Drive (Valleyview)

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There is no doubt that being a new parent can be over-whelming, especially those first few weeks. I totally understand and being a parent myself, I can relate with you. It will all be worth it. There is no other time that your precious baby will look quite like he/ she does now. The peaceful curled up babies seen throughout my galleries all have one thing in common … their parents all did the same thing before their session.

A peaceful state of sleepy bliss is the ultimate goal of our newborn sessions. To ensure this, I’m asking a little bit of prep from you! A sleeping baby is critical to the success of your newborn session so please follow all my instructions. I’ve photographed many babies and have concocted the perfect sleep equation.

Our studio address is 2283 Park Drive located in Valleyview. Cell 250-320-6558.

Bath + Full Feeding + Car Ride to the Studio = Sleepy Bliss & AMAZING Session!

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One Hour Before Your Session!

Bathe the Baby: The purpose of the bath is not just to clean the baby and ensure that fabulous soft fuzzy baby hair … it also makes them smell amazing! While all that is true, the real reason for the bath is to keep the baby awake and tire them out. If your baby’s umbilical cord is off, please give a full bath, otherwise use a wash cloth and give a sponge bath as instructed by your doctor. The key is to linger during the bath, draw it out longer than you normally would. You want your baby AWAKE so dilly dally and take your time.

Feed the Baby: Give the baby a FULL feeding right before getting in the car. This is not a “snack” feeding – tickle feet, change the diaper, do anything you can to keep the baby awake and ensure a full feeding. A full tummy equals a sleepy content baby!

After the feeding: Dress baby in a sleeper, absolutely nothing that pulls over the head or tight socks. Secure diaper with “loose tabs” so it is easily removed. What this means is to secure the diaper on the sides so it is on but just not as tight as usual. Line the car seat with a burp cloth or diaper pad to protect against leaks.

Load Up: You’re all set, hop in the car and head to the studio! The ride will put your little one into a deep sleep. Cover the baby when you get out of the car so the sun doesn’t startle them awake.

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What to Expect

Our newborn sessions start @ 10 am and can last between 2.5 – 3 hours (depending on which newborn package you have chosen). This allows for plenty of time for soothing, nursing and calming baby, and gives you time to sit back and relax (or sleep) while your new bundle is being photographed.

Sessions are held in our Kamloops photography studio located in Valleyview as I use studio lighting and I have access to all my props and equipment.

Each session is customized to the colour/colours you select. So, have a look at the options and please let me know at least a day ahead of your scheduled newborn session.


You will be given a link to an online password protected gallery of your images within 1-2 weeks of your session.

Just a few changes for our newborn sessions due to Covid-19 :

• Extra hand washing & sanitizing + mask used by photographer, I will continue to wear a mask during newborn sessions (I ask clients to wear a mask until we are downstaris)
• Immediate family members only
• Props continue to be washed/sanitized between sessions
• No outside props
• No shoes in studio area
• No pets

These guidelines could change without notice depending on the PHO recommendations.

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Siblings play a very special role in the baby’s life, and we make it a point to pay extra special attention to them during the photo session. We try to get a few shots of siblings kissing or holding their baby brother or sister.

These photos are taken at the end of a newborn session and recommend older siblings only come for the last half hour of the session as it is very important for us to focus on your new baby.

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What to Bring

Pacifier! Even if baby isn’t currently taking one please bring it just in case.

If bottle feeding, bring 1 or 2 extra feedings than you expect to need. Extra diapers.

An outfit for baby to wear home.

Extra parent outfit. Your portrait outfit will likely be soiled and you will not be able to wear it home. There is a bathroom at the studio for mom and dad to get dressed. We start with baby so there is ample time for mom to prep hair and makeup.

We supply the props, blankets, headbands & hats. However, I always suggest to add your personal touch as well. If you have any special family treasures, heirlooms or something you just want photographed with baby we will certainly try to incorporate it. (Due to covid-19 no outside props will be allowed)

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Last but not Least – Relax

Newborn photo sessions can be unpredictable. Sometimes it takes 2 hour and other times it can take up to 2-3 hours. It all depends on the baby and their mood. The best you can do is follow my advice in this guide and hope all goes well. The great thing about newborns is that they can only stay awake for so long! They will eventually tire and fall asleep. I have no problem waiting and allowing time for cuddles and feedings to calm your baby. Babies do pick up on the stress of their parents so the more relaxed you are the smoother the session will be.

Studio: 2283 Park Drive (Valleyview)

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